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Challenges Facing Israeli & Palestinian Civil Society

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Israeli Peace NGO Forum: Fifty Junctions for Peace On Friday, January 17th, 2014 the members of the Israeli Peace NGO Forum held a massive event in over 50 junctions and public spaces from north to south of the country under two banners: “STOP - A Peace Junction In Front of You” “The Majority Decided – Peace” Read more>>
Israeli Peace NGO Forum Solidarity visit to SinjilOn Tuesday, November 25th, a group of Israeli Peace NGO Forum Members visited the Dar Khalil family in Sinjil, whose house was torched in a "Price Tag" attack. Read more>>
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Palestinian Youth Union for Cooperation for Peace

The Palestinian Youth Union is a non-governmental (NGO), not-for-profit, voluntary youth organization, that assemble all youth groups and children regardless of any divisions. The Union was established in 1992. Development of Palestinian youth abilities (males and females) so as to contribute to the building of the Palestinian society, through various constructive activities and programs.

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The Palestinian House for Professional Solutions (HPS)

The Palestinian House for Professional Solutions (HPS) is a Non-Governmental Palestinian institution commenced on doing its voluntary activities since 2002 and officially registered as an NGO in West Bank under registration No. ( RA—22492-E). The Center’s leading initiative is to assist people from the Middle East and particularly in Palestine, Jordan and Israel to look for better alternatives to find solutions of the current conflict. It also relies heavily on its active network of peace activists on different countries in the Middle East and world wide so as to mobilize masses to work hand in hand to resolve their conflicts. HPS is devoted to the integrated developmental social process of breaking stereotypes and sharing the understanding and respect of the other through dialogue and various Conflict Resolution strategies. The Center will thus focus on the sanctity of life as both a means and an end in itself. It will develop a serious peace education kit for both sides.

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House of Water and Environment

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Jerusalem - Two Capitals For Two States in Two Conferences Emmanuel Seitelbach reports on the two conferences on Jerusalem organized by the Palestinian Israeli Peace NGO Forum, which took part in the East and West of the city in late October 2013.

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The Israeli Peace Organizations and the Arab Spring A few springs past the start of the Arab Spring, and the Israeli peace camp's flowerbed has yet to blossom. The Israeli peace organizations had difficulties in connecting regional developments to their agendas. Fear and suspicion in Israel regarding the changing Middle East makes this task even more difficult. Peace NGOs must find a way to connect with the regional developments and populaces, no matter what impact that has on their short-term goals. This article offers various opportunities for peace NGOs to formulate and refine messages, re-examine current perceptions, and create new partnerships.

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Civil Society Organizations: Oslo as a Turning Point in Their Work Among the Masses The role of civil society institutions is even greater than before Oslo: to build a system based on freedoms, respect for others and human rights — to act as a compass for the masses

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More Relevant Than Ever: People-to-People Peacebuilding Efforts in Israel and Palestine The best way to change mindsets and to foster ideas of self-determination, ending the occupation and peace is through dialogue, cross-border activities and physical interactions

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